Thursday, November 23

Cities promoting manga, anime resources

Efforts to attract tourists with manga or animation resources have increased among municipal and town governments across the nation.

In Kyoto, where Kyoto Seika University set up the nation's first faculty of manga in spring, Kyoto International Manga Museum will open in the city's Nakagyo Ward on Saturday.

The new regional strategy of the ancient capital has drawn nationwide attention.

As Kyoto has many cultural assets associated with contemporary animation, including picture scrolls of animals produced from the Heian to Kamakura periods (794-1333), some observers maintain that the city is the birthplace of manga.

The Yomiuri Shimbun

Japan now capitalizing on its soft power, anime and manga culture to get more tourist money. The economy is not doing too well and they looking for new directions to make money. Guess they found a new way to market "Made In Japan" motto to the world now. This is a follow up from the opening of the Kyoto Manga Museum entry, 1 day ago.