Saturday, October 4

First impressions: Tora Dora/ とらドラ

It was pleasant introduction that moves rather quickly in pacing which a rarity in anime. Rie Kugiyama sounds more matured and she brings out the darker tinge of Taiga, which enhances the character considerably. Taiga sounded menacing yet she is absurdly comical with her reactions to her surroundings. Fans of Toradora actually wanted her to take this role despite she has been repeatedly typecast into tsundere roles way too often (Shana, Zero no Tsukaima). She paid back with spades in Toradora with restrained voice acting that actually suited Taiga's characterization.

The only problem is lack of introspection especially Taiga which made the light novel a delightful read.

The team supposedly well staffed with competent people, writer (Okari Mari) who did Rozen Maiden, also responsible for Aria and Sketchbook series. Director (Nagai Tatsuyuki) crafted Honey and Clover and also helped in Mai Hime/Otome series.

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