Sunday, January 26

Ghost in the Shell Live Action is Happening?

Alright, I read the headlines and frankly speaking, I am not too comfortable with the choice of the director since I found Snow White and the Huntsmen (2013) suck balls.

Fine, my opinion is premature given he is doing 1 movie only so far. Maybe. I am not so sure. All being said, I am excited to see the project finally going somewhere now. Just hope it won't suck.


Saturday, January 4

Doraemon's Best Ending?

Possibly one of the best ending for Doraemon (Xiao Ding Dang). Personally I think this is one of the best ending for evergreen series but the publishers did not think so, forcing the mangka withdraw the doujinshi from publication.

However it becomes an enduring legend of the lore that is well beloved by millions of kids across Asia for many decades. Here is the scanned and translated version for non Japanese Doraemon fans.


The link