Sunday, July 12

First Impressions : Canaan (428 the Animation)

Well, well do I like it? Kinda mixed. I need to watch 2nd episode for consistency before I can nail if I going to be bothered to finish this series or not. Despite my TYPE-MOON fanboyism, I am not blind to bland product. I am happy though, to see Takeshi Takeuchi (main artist for TYPE-MOON) signature character design retained faithfully in this ironically, non original TYPE-MOON anime.

From what I gather so far, it is story of 2 female gunslingers who either have synthesia ability naturally or trained. They hated each other and this series might ended in epic catfight between these 2 females. One of them, Canaan who is nicknamed "Saber sister" by the fans due to their look similarity is tasked with a job in Shanghai, China. What make her so special in gunfighting skills is her senses which were enhanced when she can "see" colour or "hear" taste. Of course her ungodly skill in acrobatic complement her senses and uncanny marksmanship (her SIG is a good pistol but definitely not designed to hit so far like this anime shown). The gunfights are fantastical and it is safe to assume the main females gunslingers are so badass that no one is their equal, even US CIA Black Ops team shown in 1st episode.

I have to confess these inhuman ability is kinda turn off for me since this is supposed to modern tale of skillful gunslingers. But I willing to watch little bit more before I dismiss this as Noir knock off or Bee Train poor imitator. The story have enough hooks for me, for example, I am curious to see how the male reporter will survive this seemingly deep conspiracy that involves powerful organizations. I am puzzled by the unrealistic depiction of free roaming PMC group allowed to operate on Chinese soil. And I never recall any Chinese festival in Shanghai involved a squeaky voice Japanese girl lolita look alike in festival. And giant dragon squirting some liquid which looks decidedly wrong.

Music is not bad, OP is pretty catchy. BGM is subtle.

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