Sunday, August 24

World Destruction/ ワールド・デストラクション

This OP grew on me. At first I find it weird but now I kinda like it.

The game theme version.

I am interested to see the direction of anime taking, it did caught my interest due to unusual story and nihilistic female lead, Muerte. Plus episode 5 have 2 legends on opposing sides again, voice acting as small bear characters (Tohryu Furuya who did Amuro Ray and Shuichi Ikeda as Char/Sha Aznable). Their "reunion" is tongue in cheek nod to their previous roles in legendary Mobile Suit Gundam. Hehe.

Will do review on this anime once it is done.

Kannagi/ かんなぎ Trailer

Looks good so far. I do wonder if this series can take down Haruhi Season 2. Remains to be seen.

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