Saturday, October 3

Kyoto Animation Award


Considered as one of the most beloved anime studio by anime fans worldwide for their faithful adaptation of source materials (Clannad, Kanon for example), Kyoto Animation is organizing a competition for original submission of story (all formats are accepted). The prize is not much but it will be animated by the studio themselves which will automatically send any orgasmic joy to all budding anime creators out there. What's more, no restriction on genre, age, sex, professional or amateur is placed. Dateline is 15th Jan 2010.

Now I tempted to ask why the studio is harvesting non mainstream sources. Are they running out of ideas? Or they decided to play cheap, looking at current climate of industry? Some cynics might point out their colossal creative mistake of doing Endless Eight is major indication that they need to change.

Anyway....So anyone willing to try for it? Good luck!

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