Friday, September 15

It's Like Knitting Anime and Astro Boy CG movie

It's Like Knitting Anime

You may have never heard of amigurumi. It's the Japanese word that means "knitted or crocheted doll" and it incorporates Japanese anime styling to make distinctive looking dolls. That's all the technical stuff. Now that we know what amigurumi is, to us it means "cute" and "crafty" and "gorgeous."

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Quite unique.

Imagi Plans Astro Boy Feature

Thursday, September 14, 2006
By: Ryan Ball

Lovers of old-school anime and fans of the new Astro Boy series will be happy to learn that Imagi Animation Studios has optioned rights to produce a CG-animated feature film base on the Tezuka Productions Co. property. Imagi’s U.S. studio is developing an original story and its animation facility in Hong Kong will handle physical production for the movie, which the company hopes get into theaters sometime in 2009.

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Cool! Astro Boy lives forever!