Wednesday, June 18

Finally Child Pornography is Banned in Japan But...

After years of wrangling and discussions in the Diet, Japan lawmakers finally passed the law to ban underage pornography in a landmark law few days ago.


Yes there is an exception.

This law is not applicable to manga or animation. The opponents said it will lead to curtailment of freedom of speech so it is not all encompassing ban.

Anyway, you can read it more here, courtesy of Huffington Post or BBC  and Japan Times.

My view on this, yeah I agree that hentai lolicon genre or even shotacon should be filtered out because frankly, those 2 genres are pretty darn disturbing. However it is quite a slippery slope here. The activist and manga publishers are arguing freedom of speech to prevent the ban from covering anime and manga works. Politicians are trying to push it very hard but not successful so far.