Monday, March 16

Gender Equality and Softpower in Japanese sociology

One of the most unexpected leading advocate of gender equality in Japan is manga and anime which lots of females working as professionals. Some of them of them even become very renowned artist in this field (notably novelist of ToraDora! Yuyuko Takemiya, CLAMP, Rumiko Takahashi and Kannagi's unfortunate Eri Takenashi) using softpower of their trade to break gender barriers despite hordes of male dominated works populating the domestic industry.

Before 2001, there is no law to protect females from domestic abuse and Japan was ranked 39th in UN 70 nations study of gender equality.

Thanks to various depiction of strong females with strong personality in free expressive anime/manga setting, the myth of ever smiling, submissive Japanese woman is dwindling fast. However, these archetype also have to contend with "moe" mutation hence producing some of the most schizophrenic anime females we seen lately.

There is growing demand for non-typical characterization and international fans might do their part as well.

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