Sunday, July 17

Toyota and Evangelion? Ah.

Evergreen and genre changing Evangelion now used to promote Toyota Prius hybrid. Marketing, marketing, Toyota is banging on the fact that most anime fans of the 90s will form biggest purchasing power and they intend to capture this. First promoting their products with Miku now this.

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Berserk The Movie trailer is out

Yeap, it is out. Looks good.

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Wednesday, July 13

Berserk Movies

Yeap, movies. 3 movies to be exact, 1st one will be aired in Japan on January 2012. Since I am not very familiar with Berserk manga, it says the movies will focus on "Golden Age" arc. That's about it, not much news of who is doing what or which studio.

After open ending in anime which frustrated a lot of fans, this is surely a stupendous news, following the remake of Kenshin series and live action movie.

Now I wonder if this is from leaked images from OVA?



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Wednesday, July 6

2011 Summer Anime List

Out of this list, not much I willing to watch. LOL

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Tuesday, July 5

Miku Hatsune in Toyota ad

Toyota ads featuring the famous pop diva who is not real. Personally I don't get it but hey she is a hot item now.

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Saturday, July 2

Kenshin real live action? Hmmmmm...

Can you see Kenshin in this guy? Maybe. Takeru Sato will be Kenshin in live action adaptation. Supposedly he is a big fan of the anime/manga while he is growing up. Warner Bros Japan is willing to invest on the movie, produced by this studio called Swan.

Seen Space Battleship Yamato and I am not too impressed by the movie. Most of my friends did not survive Gantz live action either so I am kinda cool to this development. It is about time, I suppose.

The buzz is high since this is highly regarded franchise.

Time will tell if this movie going suck like the examples I mentioned or not. 2012 release.


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