Wednesday, January 16

Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino Comments

New Gunslinger Girl season is here. Excited? At first, yes. Now? Bleh.

The art for Season 2 is closer to manga style rather than Madhouse version few years ago. Apparently the mangaka him/herself have some input for Season 2.

Henrietta and Giuseppe's new voice are totally did not match the character portrayed in the anime especially main female child assassin, Henrietta. She sounded too cute for the role and I was wondering what the casting director was smoking when using her to voice Henrietta. Also in first episode, she has quite Godlike shooting as she managed to land rounds on a leaning small target from speeding van while she is riding a weaving scooter in busy street.

Marco's VA is atrocious. Instead of dangerous middle aged military operator, now he sounded like a street punk with bad attitude. This is a good example on how a bad voice acting can totally ruin the experience to immerse in the story. Because of such dissonant voice and character, it is totally did not jive at all.

The piano piece in episode 2 is nice and quiet. Franco and Franca looks great, so is Pinocchio, the assassin. The VAs for them are passable but here, Pinocchio sounded like he should be, brooding and dangerous.

Angelica is still alive in this one just like the manga.

Here too, you will see the raison d'etre for Republican terror movement to topple current administration of Italy. It is clear that social divide between north and south Italy is crux for their anger and they perceived the government as corrupt and unwilling to address the issue of inequality between north and south Italy.

However the anime is sadly a major letdown. The feel is simply not here unlike excellent Season 1.