Sunday, January 14

Anime Essentials: Every Thing a Fan Needs to Know

By Gilles Poitras
Book excerpt.

Interesting book, worth to read but I am not too sure if I want to buy this book or not. It is bit generalist for my taste, and the author just skipping around, not really talk about the core principals on anime fandom.

Death Note creator speaks

Death Note artist interview.

A short article about the person who is behind massively popular and touted as intelligent anime, Death Note.

The second article talks about live action movie adaptation of the work.

More Sakura Wars?

I kinda like the franchise but this latest OVA is pushing it. I mean, how many times an all female sentai anti demonic force using mechas can many people tolerate? How many times it have to be rehashed?

Sakura Wars OVA 5 New York

Just my thoughts.