Thursday, August 6

John Lasseter talks about Hayao Miyazaki

Successful John Lasseter who created shows like Toy Story, A Bug's Life which vaulted Pixar into powerhouse name in animation world talks about his Japanese counterpart, Hayao Miyazaki. He is pratically gushing about Miyazaki, no surprise considering how charming his works have become worldwide.

This discussion is about Miyazaki supposed successor, Yoshifumi Kondo who directed Whisper of Heart. It gives an insight on how American top guns regarded Miyazaki talent and skill as maestro animator.

Interesting thing is discussion on Goro Miyazaki, the son who debut with Tales of Earthsea. Apparently there is schism between father and son which prompted the elder Miyazaki comeback in Ponyo as if to prove a point. Perhaps he felt his son is not to the mettle?

Another interesting human drama here.

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Tokyo 2016 Olympic Captain Tsubasa

The man who responsible for Captain Tsubasa series, Yoichi Takahashi, launched few illustrations to bolster Tokyo's bid to host 2016 Olympics. Reportedly the series inspired a lot of current superstars of soccer such as Torres, Del Piero and Totti. Tokyo Olympic bidders, learning a cue or two from Taro Aso's softpower concept and diplomacy hoped to inspire local youths to support their bid for 2016 Games.


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