Wednesday, December 31

Aya Hirano in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysian fans reaction

So on the lazy afternoon on last day of 2008, I stumbled on Low Yat Forum and guess what, someone noticed that Aya Hirano, the famous VA of Haruhi and Konata is in Kuala Lumpur doing photo shoots for her upcoming DVD. In space of 2 hours, the thread has spawned 8 pages and dozens of reply which looks like an infection of super Ebola or something.

The thread and subsequent madness

Funny as hell but I do sincerely wish my fellow Malaysians good luck in searching for her. Just don't freak her out if you people do see her.

Pictures of her in Kuala Lumpur can be seen here in another blog

Edit: The thread has been shut down and it reaches 30 over pages. Even the famous Sankaku Complex note it and few Malaysian posters were not too happy with the tone of mockery attached to the entry.

Sankaku Complex

As Joker said, "Why so serious?"