Wednesday, June 17

How much money Neon Genesis Evangelion / 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン anime made?

Someone asked me how much $$$$ the series (anime only) made since 1995 until now. To be honest, it is difficult to ascertain exact figure but roughly, Japanese sources (2002) gave it as much 150 billion yen ( 1.3 million USD, I think). Considering the 1998 episode where GAINAX was raided by Japanese tax officers on suspicion of tax evasion worth about estimated 560 million yen which they made from profits of Evangelion franchise, the figures is quite believable. Many scholars and pundits credited the series for reviving the industry of 90s. It is easy to see why.

On sidenote, ADV USA stated that the series earned 2 million USD.

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