Wednesday, November 22


The prequel to famous visual novel from TYPE-MOON, Fate/Zero is coming. It talks about the 4th Grail War which Shirou's foster father fought, Kiritsugu Emiya. Already the website revealed suited Saber, Gilgamesh and possibly Iskandar which known to Western world as Alexander the Great. The respective Masters are Kiritsugu, Kotomine and a female which many people speculate as Ilya's mother.

Me excited? You bet!

PS: I noticed Nitroplus involvement in this. This people are famous for their gun themed visual novels such as Phantom of the Inferno. I guess Fate Zero will have a lot of gunplay since Kiritsugu is famous for his handgun skills.

PPS: Well Kiritsugu did conceive Ilya with someone from Einzbern family, so maybe they will be ero scene.

Alexander the Great achievement even as human is legendary. So as time goes, his exploits becoming more and more like fable as humans remembered him. So, when he is summoned as Servant (I think as Rider class which pretty obvious with his steed, Buchepalas), he fits the classification as a hero or enrei.


UPDATE! Anime is on!

International Manga Museum in Kyoto

New Manga Museum in Japan?

This is an awesome place, earning place in my places to go in my lifetime goal. It will display the rich Japanese history in manga and pictorial based story telling. About 200,000 items from old era to new age will be on show in the museum. Wow! I just so excited that such place exists for people like me who likes history and wants to know more about this elegant subject.