Sunday, July 6

First Impressions: Aldnoah Zero

Holy crap, the 1st episode upped the stakes so high and epic, I love it. Easily, I can see why this will be the most talked about and perhaps one of the best anime in 2014.  

The peaceful, lovey dovey princess dies in 1st ep and milions of people of dead in nuclear assault by enraged Martian troops in her wake. Their bodies (the Earthlings) turn into nuclear ash in unapologetic manner as it should be. With a mournful J-Rock song accompanying it. Certainly a nod to Japan's experience of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. 

The unrealistic and pacifist belief in peace is mercilessly crushed in face of human reality.
Urobochi have no time for this non sense so no Relena Peacecraft crap here.

And I actually feel sad for a pair child siblings who innocently wishing for peace when they saw shooting star which is really Martian weapons descending down to wreck some hell on their world.

The feels of the final scene is very strong for me.

Highly recommended.