Saturday, March 13

Who will be Koizumi next nemesis?

The anime shorts Legend of Koizumi is hilarious series based on this manga. I noticed that the OP sequence have hints as to who will be next opponent of the intrepid hero from land of Rising Sun. Now let's see....

Looking at the OP montage, the silhouette matches a famous portrait of Shi Huang Ti. I did not speculate, I am pretty confident it was him. It is hard to miss Great Wall of China at the background too.

The OP also shows Adolf Hitler as the next nemesis. His arm raised in Nazi salute in front of the Nazi Eagle is pretty clear.

Napoleon Bonaparte with his most famous portrait, this drawing is based on him during spectacular Italian campaign.

Augustus Caesar, 1st Emperor of Imperial Rome. The pose looks the same with background of the famous Colosseum.

Now this one is a big question mark for me. The sequence of the OP montage suggests that he will be next opponent of Koizumi after Shih Huang Ti, the First Emperor of China,. The background is Chinese and my speculation is this enemy will be wisest man of China after Koizumi won against the best warrior king of China. My pick will be 3: Sun Tzu, Zhuge Liang or Kung Fu Tze or Confucius.

Let's see if I was right. LOL!

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