Tuesday, February 24

8th Tokyo Anime Awards goes to.....

Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo grabbed 5 wins including best picture and director (with reported box office profit of 15.5 billion yen which roughly translates into cool 164 million USD) . Best TV shared by 2 major 2008 mecha/drama seinen animes, Code Geass Season 2 and Macross Frontier.

What heartens me most is winner for OVA section is Detroit Metal City, one of surprise hit for me since I never heard of it before but now one of the better offering from 2008 in my consideration.

The list compiled here:

Best Director: Miyazaki, H. (Ponyo)
Best movie: Ponyo (Miyazaki, H.)
Best Original Story: Ponyo (ibid)
Best Screenplay: Code Geass S2 (Ichiro Okuchi)
Best Art Direction: Ponyo (Yoshida Noburo)
Best Character Design: Sky Crawlers (Nishio Tetsuya)
Best Voice Actor: Jun Fukuyama (Code Geass S2)
Best Music: Macross Frontier (Yoko Kanno)
Best TV series: Code Geass S2 and Macross Frontier
Best OVA: Detroit Metal City
Best Foreign Animated Movie: Kung Fu Panda
Open Entry: Descendants (Heiko von der Scherm)