Thursday, November 25

Impressive anti war animation from Chinese artist

Titled "See Through" or 打,打个大西瓜, it is 3 years worth of work by a Chinese artist goes by name of Jokelate. Great timing, good music and crisp animation with strong anti-war massage. Nicely done.

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Wednesday, November 24

Female anime fans are more hardcore.

A voice actor/actress concert from Tales series, back in 2009. What really struck me is high number of female fans in the crowd (less polite nick will be fujoshi) and their stark rudeness. When male actors appear, they went wild with such enthusiasm but when actresses step out, not even an iota of cheer can be heard to acknowledge them.

Younger male characters get more wilder cheer as usual.

Based on this video, I would say hardcore Japanese anime female fans are more scary than males. Seriously.

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Wednesday, November 17

Female android performer. Creepy yet chillingly cool.

Personally I see it as a novelty, I am not too sure if artificial humans can do performing arts to the level than normal humans can be. But it is an interesting scene.

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Friday, November 12

Noir / ノワール will be remake into live tv series.

Tinseltown just got into another anime adaptation, this time is Noir / ノワール (2001) the famous Bee Train work that shows their signature slow pace and eye shot camera pan emo scenes. This anime is the progenitor to many Bee Train "chicks with gun cool killer" genre such as Madlax and Cazador. When it is came out at first, many fans hailed it as an artistic and fascinating story of semi lesbian pair of Kirika and Mirelle. However, personally I think it overstays its welcome with 26 formulaic and predictable episodes ( the music cue did not help to hide the suspense). I do liked the soundtrack a lot though. (by Yuki Kaijura no less)

Sam Raimi and Starz will be making the live action adaptation, curiously, it gave me hope since I enjoyed the visceral and bloody Spartacus: Blood and Sand immensely. So my anticipation is there as how they will approach this anime and turn it into live action series. Since it is cable company, it will be more for mature audiences and less concerned with TV censorship.

I find it interesting.

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Tuesday, November 9

New Makoto Shinkai work: 星を追う子ども

Good ol' nostalgic shot in the sky dude is back! The title is pretty mouthful this time: Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below /星を追う子ども.

Looks great to me. Scheduled for release on May 2011.

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Sunday, November 7

Zac Efron as Kaneda in Akira? Really?!

Oh no. According to this website, the dude that once rumored to be Sousoke in Full Metal Panic live action might be possibly casted as famous Kaneda in live action Akira. Talks are still in progress though.

Albert Hughes (Book of Eli) will be directing it. Leo Dicaprio denied any rumors that he might acted as Kaneda in the adaptation.

As expected, it is "Americanized" by setting it in New Manhattan instead of Neo Tokyo in original movie.

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