Thursday, December 21

A parody of Tachikoma MasterCard Ad


The one of the few.

Anime through an American eye

"I was staying with a Japanese friend of mine when I first saw Matsumoto-san's manga. Keep in mind that I'm not someone who is an otaku (obsessive fan) at all. I don't really read manga much, even today. I just had some time on my hands and I was looking for something to check out. My friend, who knows my tastes very well, suggested I might like it. He pulled out this three-book version of "Tekkonkinkreet" and said "nakeru yo," which means something in Japanese like "keep a box of tissues handy." It was probably 1995, right around the time of the sarin gas attacks and the Kobe earthquake. There were these black helicopters buzzing around and you could turn on the TV and see people getting stabbed in real time".

The full article.

This man is responsible for Animatrix and generally considered as big figure on anime fandom in USA. His views are interesting, considering that he is one of the few gaijins in Japanese anime industry.