Sunday, September 16

Psycho Pass by Urobochi

Ever since visual novel Phantom of Inferno (2000), Fate Zero (2011-2012) and Magica Magi Puella Madoka (2011), I swear I will follow anything Gen Urobochi no matter what.

Yes, another anime series written by him is coming to air next month in Noitaima slot (usually 11 eps) called...Psycho Pass. Animated by Production I.G., so far what I knew is Minority Report-like atmosphere where a future criminals are pre-empted by cops/ law enforcers called Executers before they commit any crime. The terminology is called "crime-mind index" and what is revealed that sometimes Executers can turn into being hunted too after being influenced by the criminals. To minimize this, they are paired with an Inspector.

The story focus on a 20 year old rookie Inspector, Tsunemori Akane. And since it is by Gen, expect a lot of guns too. Wohoo.

Apparently it will be 2 Seasons, each one with 11 eps. 1st episode will be on 11th October 2012.

Fuck yeah.
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Thursday, August 30

A very interesting anime-related tech

I forsee one day, this is will be standard stuff for anime fans around the world.
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Wednesday, May 23

Boobies: Reality and Anime Version

Just as described.
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Jormungand's Koko Hekmatyar bothersome surname

While I watching this anime, Koko's surname bothers me a lot so I decided to get off my lazy ass and check it. Turns out to be why, I heard this name before during ending phase of Cold War, in Afghanistan specifically. What a piece of nasty work, this guy is 100 percent bona fide treacherous Afghan warlord. Still alive and kicking, fighting NATO in Afghanistan now. Wiki entry
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Tuesday, May 8

I think a lot of anime figure collectors would love to have this now. I can imagine many possibilities with this, good and bad or simply bizzare.
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Wednesday, May 2

Wednesday, April 18

Summer 2012 June-August

Out of this list, I only excited about Moyashimon sequel and Berserk movie. Sword Online did pricked my attention little bit though. That's it.
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Thursday, April 5

Fate Zero Season 2 PV

Yeap, for those who already read the novels, this will be a very action packed 13 episodes. Also bittersweet, in tradition of Gen Urobochi's writing.
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Friday, March 16

More weird game from Japan! Maybe become a cultural icon like Para Para Sakura!

This just looks weird but hey it is Japan!
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Mangaka having PTSD.

Sometimes mangaka is a human being too. The story of a mangaka, Jiro Taniguchi who is deeply affected by Tohoku Earthquake March 11th 2011. His works can be found here.
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Friday, January 27

Anime for March/Apr 2012.

The list is somewhat incomplete, more updated will be posted up soon. Definitely will watch Fate Zero Season 2, some passing interest on Accel World, Uchuu Kyodai and TasogareX Amnesia. And plus the new jazz anime series from Watanabe and Kanno.

Looks like 2012 is picking up.
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New Jazz Anime Series that caught my interest...

Sakamichi no Apollon?

Wow. Just check out these 2 names for this upcoming series.

Director: Shinchiro Watanabe (Bebop, Champloo)
Music Composer: Yoko Kanno.(Macross, Bebop)

The series is about 3 students in school and their passion for jazz despite came from very different background. What else I need to say? Only question mark for me is the quality of the writing. Animated by New Madhouse and Tezuka Productions.

Scheduled for April 2012 release. Something worthwhile to watch for 2012 for me at least after the end of Fate Zero Season 1.

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