Tuesday, March 25

Blade of the Immortal Anime.

The official Japanese website for the recently announced Blade of the Immortal television anime is now online with a sample image. The site also revealed that the project will run on Japan's AT-X animation satellite channel. Yoshimitsu Yamashita (Murder Princess, Samurai Champloo animation director) will design the characters that Production I.G's BeeTrain subsidiary (.hack// franchise, Noir, El Cazador de la Bruja) will animate.

Original Site

Honestly speaking, I am not too keen on the adaptation. The mangaka himself did not see how this can be translated into anime. Did not help when I saw the name BEE TRAIN. Yes, the studio that loves do the pan shots of eye all the time. Ugh.

But, I shall wait and see if I was proven wrong.

Tekken's real life inspiration for Kazuya and Heihachi Karate of Mishima Clan.

Andy Hug is K1 champion, hailed from Switzerland. In Japan he is known as the "Blue Eye Samurai" and based on Kyokushimkai Karate. Died in 2000 due to leukemia, he is considered the one who popularized K1 with his cinematic fighting style.

His infamous chopping kick or axe kick.

Look out for the stunning backhand punch.

Namco must have use him as template for Mishima Karate seen in their highly successful Tekken game series.

Banner of the Stars 3 tribute of some sorts

Nice tribute to this very under the radar 3 OVA of the excellent space opera.

Speed Racer the Movie

Trailer no 2

Yeap, it is here. I am looking forward towards it. Offical website

Old anime OP.

Interesting look at Sailormoon