Thursday, August 4

Shakugan no Shana 3 (Final) is finally here

Ugh, got this news pretty late but yeah, Shakugan no Shana 3 is here. It will be final installment of highly successful franchise. Confirmed in Dengeki Bunko July edition. Soon to be shown in 2011 fall season.

JC Staff will animate this, same crew coming back for one last hurrah. The last volume of novel (22) will be out on September then follow by this anime series.

Old entry that caused me so much trouble

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Jin Roh director finally back on scene with Letter to Momo

7 years is a long, long time. Hiroyuki Okiura is the dude behind Jin-Roh which I quite like it, directed this movie for 7 years (yes I have to repeat myself twice). The story synopsis is pretty simple, after received a letter from her late father, Momo went to island with her mom and starts to notice weird thing(s) around her.

Looking forward to this, the movie start to premiere in Japan next year I think.

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