Tuesday, January 13

First impressions: Druaga, Sword of Uruk / ドルアーガの塔 ~the Sword of URUK


First episode is streamed in Crunchy Roll few days ago and looks good. Skipped 6 months after 1st season ending, the characters were re-introduced somewhat slowly. Still too early to say anything but for 1st episode it is not too bad. It has action, comedy, soft moments and foreshadowing that points to general direction of the story. We see a broken, tired Jil who is now a recluse who was consoled by high spirited but in denial mode Fatina who meet Utu later on in a fair. The first priestess of Ishtar suddenly appear into their life and another adventure is on hand for Jil as he saw a terrifying vision regarding about Kaaya from the priestess.

Great character design from previous season is still around especially Fatina, this time GONZO did a right thing. A surprise hit from last year, Druaga is based on dungeon crawl video game and expanded into full blown series.

A little investigation revealed the screenwriter and director were responsible for few good series. Koichi Chigara (director), who did Blue Submarine no 6 and Shoji Gatoh (screenwriter and novelist), responsible for episode 11 of Haruhi Suzumiya and entire Full Metal Panic! series scripting.

GDH is banking their hopes on this one and as this entry is written, milking Strike Witches for all its worth. Let's just hope they did not overdo this series.

Their OP is tongue in cheek humor just like last year. Previous entry.