Thursday, July 29

Dr House vs Blackjack?

Yes, apparently there is going to be a match between these 2 iconic medical heroes. Who will win? Amusing.


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Kizumonogatari is to be animated.

After massive success of Bakemonogatari, Nishi Oshin 3rd work is to be animated; this time prequel to Bakemonogatari. The story is focused mainly on Shinobu the Vampire and perhaps how Araragi stumbled upon her and become the vampire we saw in Bakemonogatari later.

Interesting. I even heard there are rumors of sequel to Bakemonogatari, Nisemogatari but nothing solid on that one yet. Good news is Shaft Studio fellas will be on this one. Therefore the quirky style we seen and celebrated in Bakemonogatari should be the same, more and less.


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Sunday, July 18

Cat Shit One: First Impressions


The pilot episode was aired and I must say, it rocks. Much better than everything else offered in 2009 and 2010 anime seasons. Now let's move on with the discussion.

The story centered at the present time with emphasis on Afghanistan. Few foreign nationals (looks like foreign workers with an interpreter) were kidnapped by a group of rebels or Taliban which can be seen being escorted to an abandoned village in middle of wasteland surrounded by some black hills. The activity was monitored by 2 PMCs, Botasky and Packy who were working for CMS. They confirmed the location, requesting for backup but situation becomes unpredictable when one of hostage was murdered in cold blood by the leader. Packy decided to rescue the hostages despite being outnumbered, against the protests by his partner Botasky the marksman and the headquarters.

The story is relatively simply yet play homage to old adage from war movies; never leave your buddy behind, honor of warriors etc. The dialogues were crisp and simple, suitable for no nonsense military jargon employed by both main characters. Music is standard but sounds a lot like Hans Zimmer work on Blackhawk Down. Not bad actually. The animation is top notch, as expected from the company that made video cutscenes of MGS.

Botasky came across as whimsical, easily panicked but skillful marksman and Packy is typical courageous close combat specialist with gruff demeanor with caring disposition towards Botasky. The combat scenes are fast and furious, the PMCs were shooting sparingly in contrast to spray and pray technique by the terrorists. Packy also used a lot of techniques that would make military aficionados proud, transitioning weapon shoulder and primary-secondary transition for example. The creators took pain to include it which put some Hollywood military movie to shame in contrast. Packy primary weapon is quite a surprise; SR 47 but looking at the environment he is operating, it made sense. The weapon represents his character: no gold plating, adaptability, direct and simple system. Botasky in contrast, modified his M14 EBR so much which somewhat give audience a glimpse into his personality; effective but somewhat easily distracted by looks to compensate inferiority complex.

Action fans and military fans will not be disappointed with this CG anime. Perhaps some people will be turned off by the fact the violence looks very realistic and grim but hey, to each of his/her own. Highly recommended! Roger and out.

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Friday, July 9

B Gata H Kei creators gives a middle finger to obsessed otakus

Recently concluded comedy series, B Gata H Kei have been bombarded by series of threats from irate "fans" who disliked openly sexual female characters. It is quite similar to what happened to Kannagi last year when there is a creepy backlash when it is discovered that the titular female character used to be in relationship.

Another manga series that go into the trouble is Good Ending when one of the female character have a normal relationship that is not approved by so called "fans" who wanted innocent, virgin but sexually ravishing females. However these females must not be engaged in any relationship because of perceived purity "issue". If you ask me, this is pretty fucked up, selfish obsession with the notion. Since they cannot get laid in real life, then imaginary 2D characters must not too. Losers.

The production committee of B Gata H Kei is not deterred by the threats and responded that it is creative process that cannot be undone to whims of small minority that is obsessed which completely skewered the original intent of series existence: that is to entertain. The makers of the series have contacted law enforcement to investigate these threats.


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Thursday, July 1

Karigurashi no Arrietty / 借りぐらしのアリエッティ/The Burrowers

Yes I am a slowpoke. Besides that, this intrigues me a Miyazaki (Goro or Hayao) involved. What is going on? Ponyo and Tales of Earthsea not doing too well? The illustrious dynasty is on retreat from anime movie making world? Just a speculation here though.

Hiromasa Yonebayashi, 36 animator will be helming this movie. Reading his history, it sounds like he is involved in most of Studio Ghibli movies. The trailer showcased lush background, predictably.

Based on 1952 award winning English novel, this movie shifted the story background to 2010 era Japan instead. Some little people borrowed a space from human inhabitants specifically under the house, lived in blissful life without being noticed. However this changed when a human boy stumbles on one of the little people, Arriety.

There is always something magical about Ghibli (John Lasseter from Pixar thinks so too - check his tribute to Totoro in Toy Story 3) so I will check this movie out. Definitely. Coming soon in Japan on 17 July 2010.

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Upcoming Animes....

Oh man, slim pickings for me this time. I am only interested to watch 2 of the lineup so far. Am I too jaded already?

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