Monday, March 23

Cat Shit One / Apocalyspe Meow the Animation

Title: Cat Shit One - the Animated Series
Production: Studio Anima

Director: Kazuya Sasahara
Original Manga (released in the USA as Apocalypse Meow): Motofumi Kobayashi
Format: 23 min. 12 episodes
Target Viewers: Survival game fans and military fans

The production of the series is looking for investors right now as this entry was written. 1st episode is about 3 PMCs (Rat, Botasky and Packy) surrounded by guerrilas demanding withdrawal of US Armed Forces from the local area.
(No animals were harmed in this trailer)

Serious gunfight.
With cute animals.
My kinda alley (grins).

In the trailer, the PMCs were covering each other properly and have semi realistic gun fighting, not Hollywood stuff. Apparently it is based on 2 volume manga titled Cat Shit One '80, a Cold War story.

My review, 1 year plus later.

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Tora Dora/ とらドラ!4 koma comic on fandom

For very obvious reasons this strip cracks me up bad. Source: 4chan.