Saturday, August 10

Patlabor Live Action Alphonse spotted at Yokohama.

Remember the live action movie of Patlabor?

Well, these are photos taken at Yokohama not long ago, apparently it is from filming site. Check it out. The movie is slated for release in 2014 with participation of Mamoru Oshii. As a mecha geek, this is an awesome news indeed.

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Kaze Tachinu is Miyazaki's criticism against resurgent Japanese nationalistic past.

Kaze Tachinu, latest movie from maestro, Hayao Miyazaki has generated controversy for lack of cuteness and very somber tone - in fact some people felt it is a veiled criticism of current Japanese crawl back to nationalism that cost the nation so dearly in World War 2. In fact some quarters in Japan hit back at the film maker, asking him to stay away from politics.

"Right after you see the first successful Zero flight there's a scene where the ground is littered with smashed planes, which is his message right there." - a poignant statement to me.

I haven't watch the movie yet but this views have gave me a lot of pause for thought and needless to say, makes me more intrigued about it than ever.

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