Friday, July 9

B Gata H Kei creators gives a middle finger to obsessed otakus

Recently concluded comedy series, B Gata H Kei have been bombarded by series of threats from irate "fans" who disliked openly sexual female characters. It is quite similar to what happened to Kannagi last year when there is a creepy backlash when it is discovered that the titular female character used to be in relationship.

Another manga series that go into the trouble is Good Ending when one of the female character have a normal relationship that is not approved by so called "fans" who wanted innocent, virgin but sexually ravishing females. However these females must not be engaged in any relationship because of perceived purity "issue". If you ask me, this is pretty fucked up, selfish obsession with the notion. Since they cannot get laid in real life, then imaginary 2D characters must not too. Losers.

The production committee of B Gata H Kei is not deterred by the threats and responded that it is creative process that cannot be undone to whims of small minority that is obsessed which completely skewered the original intent of series existence: that is to entertain. The makers of the series have contacted law enforcement to investigate these threats.


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