Wednesday, August 26

Cencoroll / センコロール

What attracts me is one, this movie is done by ONE man ala Makoto Shinkai's Hoshi no Koe long time ago. Atsuya Uki will animate, wrote and direct this movie alone and there is sparse information about him. He did not appear to have done any major work in any other animation which struck me as very bold of him to do this. And Sony willing to bankroll him under aegis of Aniplex which shows how good his work must have been. Looking at the trailers, it does seem this way.

Synopsis is during one normal day in a Japanese city, a strange lifeform began to attack it. While the Japanese Self Defence elements try to stop it amidst panicking citizen, one girl; Yuki seems to know about this strange life form thanks to her acquaintance to Tetsu who have a weird pet goes by the name of Cenco. An inevitable battle ensues between 2. The main life form for some reason, reminds me of a very angry and cranky white penis.

The trailer have very funky music score and beautiful, fluid animation. The project was revealed 2 years ago at Anime Innovation Tokyo. This movie definitely is high on my must watch list. 3rd trailer just released online.

Premiered first time on July 28th with general release on 22 August, no announcement of DVD/Blu Ray release so far yet.

Official Website.

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