Monday, January 15

Some really nasty stuff....

Not anime related but too interesting to miss.....

SRW tribute to Virtual On

I used to be one of the dedicated player of Virtual On: Operation Moongate and also Oratario Tangram, I remembered the sweet days where I creamed people with Raiden and missile VOs.

The old Gundam Sentinel Video

The S Gundam versus Gundam Mark V. The series that never got animated, pitifully.

XBOX 360 Gundam

Holy Goat Sheet. I want to play it now!

An interesting article

A long but very erudite writing on influence of Asia cinema with a quite portion talking about Japanese animation industry.

The article.

Highlander Anime

Well, one of my old movie fave is coming, I only acknowledge the 1st Highlander feature movie. The sequels sucked donkey balls, but I wonder if the anime can patch the sorry followups that marred the famous franchise.

The trailer is here.

Done by the same people who gave us Ninja Scroll.