Friday, May 15

Pokemon and Pikachu as business entity

This amusing title talks on how softpower Japan conquer the world using Pikachu as their spearhead in early 2000. The rise of Pikachu and Pokemon, how it conquered the world by enticing children plus not to mention the massive collective headache by the parents thanks to this simple, unassuming game.

I still remember the story where Mexican church denounced Pokemon as subversive anti Christian and burn the cartridge in front of his parishioners. Not to be overshadowed, the mullahs of Saudi Arabia went a step further by claiming it has Star of David in the content, therefore it is an Israeli propaganda in converting Muslim youth to uncouth, unIslamic life.

I personally knew few anime comrades who wanted to skewer Pikachu for sullying anime with hyperbole crass commercialized cuteness. As for me, I won't watch it but I won't go as far as having murderous thoughts. Ha!

But this article is entertaining to read.

Pokemon Capitalism

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