Tuesday, November 17

Maritan: Mili-moe?

Man, I don't know what to comment. I was laughing out loud watching this and...and...I am speechless. It is even funnier if you watched Full Metal Jacket, most of the punchline came from the fact that these were lines used by a famous Marine, R.Lee Ermey. The Engrish just puts the finishing touch on it. On Youtube there is several short lessons available for watch if you want more Marine cussing moe Drill Instructor.

The blonde white shirt is US Navy, the bespectacled girl is Japanese Self Defense Force.The strip and 4-koma manga started by Yukio Hirai and apparently it is first appeared in 2005 (books and CD format) to teach Japanese on how speak colloquial English (!) using US Marines mascot. It is an innocuous image of squeaky high pitched Japanese Engrish swearing off like a hard bitten Devil Dog but hilarious if somewhat disjointed mental dissonance. Apparently real US Marines stationed in Japan fond of Maritan and contributed some phrases to be used in the publication.

Perhaps she is first strange combination character in mili-moe genre (military + moe). This character is more appealing to me than Strike Witches to be honest.

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MS Gundam Unicorn HQ Preview

Looks great, hopefully the story and execution can live up to it. Though, Super Saiyan Mode Gundam is kinda silly to me, to be honest.

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