Friday, December 4

Break Blade / ブレイクブレイド anime series trailer is out

I have been reading the manga and it is not bad. I liked the clean art and gritty mecha designs with some Escaflowne taint thrown in. However, I am kinda skeptical on how the anime will able to bring out the story to shine, I am pretty suspicious that it will be another hanging ending type of story since AFAIK, the manga yet to be finished in Japan at the time of this entry was made. There is going to be 6 movies. XEBEC and Production I.G will be tasked in making of the movies, directed by the Fafner guy, Nobuyoshi Hara. (oh no, emo time?) Supervisory Director will be the dude who did Macross 7 (bleh!) and Starship Trooper OVA Tetsuro Amino.

Why I have a feeling that it will be emo pilots with some dosage of music thrown in for good measure while piloting semi realistic mecha? And why they need a Supervisory Director? Sounds like they can't trust the Fafner guy not to emo too much perhaps?

The story centered on tragedy of friendship been torn apart by politics and history, spiced with mecha that runs on magic except for one. The battle scenes in manga is a bit Gundamsque with emphasis on speed and "dueling" as primary combat actions, not really militaristic squad based mecha action like Gasaraki or FLAG.

Let's see how it turns out.


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