Saturday, November 12

Updates on Madoka movie project

Looks like new Madoka project will have 3 segments. 2 will TV series compilations and final one will be completely new story. Sequel, prequel or whatever for new story, I do not know. Personally I think this is a rather crass attempt to milk the franchise for its worth but I got hand it to them, it is the most successful anime in commercial sense this year. Let's just hope they do not overstay their welcome here. 

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Thursday, November 10

Official Manga Portal opened in USA

Nice initiative by Japanese publishers to reach North America audience, charging minimal fee for content. I do hope they will expand the effort to my part of world too, soon.

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Tuesday, November 8

Madoka movie? Really?

Perhaps one of the biggest news of the year, the award winning series Magica Puella Magi Madoka (recently won like 12 out of 21 categories at New Type Anime Awards 2011 in Oct ) might have a movie coming up. I do not know if the movie is going to be a glorified recap of the series or a completely new story. I do remember Urobochi hinted that the series has yet to run its full course yet in Vol 6 commentary track, much to surprise to the voice actress cast of the series.

I awaiting for more details, should be coming up soon in the Newtype Magazine.

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Tuesday, November 1

How much an anime episode cost (2010)?

A typical 20-30 min anime episode in Japan cost breakdown:

Original work - 50,000 yen ($660)
Script - 200,000 yen ($2,640)
Episode Direction - 500,000 yen ($6,600)
Production - 2 million yen ($26,402)
Key Animation Supervision - 250,000 yen ($3,300)
Key Animation - 1.5 million yen ($19,801)
In-betweening - 1.1 million yen ($14,521)
Finishing - 1.2 million yen ($15,841)
Art (backgrounds) - 1.2 million yen ($15,841)
Photography - 700,000 yen ($9,240)
Sound - 1.2 million yen ($15,841)
Materials - 400,000 yen ($5,280)
Editing - 200,000 yen ($2,640)
Printing - 500,000 yen ($6,600)

Source: Media Development Research Institute Inc.

Values were adjusted to 2010 USD inflation so the total is around USD 145,000 per episode. I wonder if there is any difference between pre and post March 11th tsunami in costing. AFAIK, any sales of Bluray/DVD that passes 4000 unit tends to get sequel. Best indicator is sales of 1st volume in first week itself since it will establish general trend onwards for particular series.

In Amazon Japan for example, Magica Puella Magi Madoka vol 1 Bluray is selling at 5,826 yen now (76 USD).

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