Friday, June 12

Intersection, MTV short animation on human trafficking

A hard hitting MTV animation short on human trafficking shown 2 months ago, a sad but real issue going on even in this modern world. In my country alone, there were cases of children kidnapped to be turn into beggars in other nations (usually the syndicate will chop off their limbs to prevent escape and generate sympathy from public to donate).

For this one, several notable celebrities contribute their part.
Check this article for more details. It is pretty good.

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Doraemon versus Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 T-800 series

Who is deadliest?

Doraemon, the cat robot from the future...capable of carrying multi dimensional arsenal inside pocket for far ranging missions.

Terminator...lethal cold robot killer from the future, indestructible and persistent cyborg foe.


And this is the funniest match up. LOL.

K-On! / けいおん! cosplay ED version

More fan made stuff. The ball keeps rolling.

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