Thursday, March 19

Eureka 7 Movie Psalm of Planets

Famous Studio Bones series is going to get a movie treatment and soon to be in theaters across Japan on this April. From what I can gather from sources, it is not retelling of TV series due to long length of the series (52 episodes). 40 percent of the scenes were new additions (some fans are not happy it is not 100 percent), not recycled stock footage from the TV and it is about 115 - 120 mins length. The plot is different from TV series and the story focused more on relationship between 2 main characters. I will watch this movie despite some mixed feelings about it.

Offical website

Original Work: BONES
Director: Tomoki Kyoda
Character Design: Kenichi Yoshida
Animation Director: Tsuneori Saito
Special Effects Director: Yasushi Muraki
Animation Production: BONES