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Evangelion 2.0 : You Can(not) Advance Trailer

The trailer is out and looks pretty good. We got the glimpse of the new character and Asuka still looks the same girl as I remembered her back in 1996 when I first time get to watch EVA anime series despite having a different name which sparked a minor disquiet in 2ch few days ago.

Offical Site.

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Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua Special Epilogue: Saber

This is translated special epilogue for Fate route, thanks to people from Beast Lair Forum who translated the very touching end to Fate route (Saber's story) in Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua PS2 Visual Novel.

First part is summary of Shirou's will, 2nd part is Shirou's realization of his path and final is his reunion with love of his life, Saber.

Be warned, this is a very, very long read but extremely satisfying to Fate fans.



Clang, a beautiful sound.
--That light. Only that sound is something I'll never forget all my life.
The sound of the bell that announces the commencement of battle.
The beautiful sound from her flawless armor accompanies her figure.
"--I ask of you, are you my Master?"
That voice is still clear.
That image in his memory did not erode over time, even now it is still deeply etched into his heart.
"I have come forth in response to your summons. From this moment forward, my sword shall be with you and your fate shall be with me. --Now, the contract is complete."
--Yes, the contract is complete.
She chose him to become her Master.
And he swore to help her with all his might.
The moonlight illuminated the darkness.
That knight's figure appeared in the shed as if to reclaim silence.
As he thought to himself, that familiar name slipped out of his mouth.
--He still cannot forget that blue light.
That blonde hair bathed in moonlight had texture as fine as grained gold.
In the later years.
When preparing to take an afternoon nap, suddenly, she remembered that nostalgic sword.
But, she cannot recall the correct procedure.
Memories fade far away along with the time, and all her feelings back then have gone away.
This is already something in the past.
Meeting the Grail, there were only fifteen days that belonged to his and her story.
"At that time only I will die. Shirou will not be injured.
If that were to happen again, please never repeat those actions again.
As Master, there is no need for you to protect me, and there is no reason to do so."
"Exactly because of that, if such a person exists, there must be some confusion inside his heart.
If he continued on with that confusion, then what awaits him is only tragedy."
"There is no need for you to participate in battle."
"No, Saber, Shirou does not have any intention of underestimating Servants.
If there are misunderstandings between you two, then it's impossible to continue forward, even if that's only what your heart is telling you."
"Therefore, even though there is no will, he still has to fight.
There is only no chance of victory if he himself believes he would lose.
It doesn't matter even if he would lose his life in the process.
Why, out of all the Masters, not only does he not understand anything, but he still insists on putting others first..."
--What an idiot.
By himself, he can't save anyone.
To end the war, he has decided since the start what needs to be done.
That man said this himself.
To follow the war, who to kill, who to not kill.
Never thinking he himself is wrong; judging beforehand what is right, and who is wrong.
"Okay--come, Saber!!!"
With dim consciousness, he thrust out his hand without knowing anything.
Seeking help, but not reaching out his hand.
Because the sky is so far away.
In the end, he only thought of things like that.
"...Sigh. That stubbornness, it's really like you."
"Really, it doesn't matter no matter what I say to you.
I am your sword, other than me, who else can become your strength, Shirou?"
She is one with the sword.
The sword of selection in the rock.
The light of the sword that decides her fate is also her light.
That spirit is probably still on the battlefield right now.
Before dawn.
Under the blue sky, letting the wind blow against her body, she stared into the distance.
A King is not a normal person.
If she held the sentiments of normal people, then it would be impossible to protect them.
"Do you understand, Saber? The so called date refers to a tryst.
Shirou says it's to go out and have fun, but in reality, it's a chance for boys to declare their feelings to the girl they like."
...Sigh. It turns out there is something like that.
Fortunately, the sky is very high, and the wind is very cool.
Now, clear memories gush forth from the heart.
"I will not undermine the oath of the King. As King, I have obligations I must fulfill and responsibilities I must meet.
The wish of King Arthur is to obtain the Holy Grail. But even if that happened, I cannot go back to being the old Arturia.
I only have one wish. --Ever since I held this sword with these hands, this oath would never change."
"--I had thought that Shirou would definitely understand that."
--That was a scene from many years ago.
"Before obtaining the Grail, everything else is superfluous."
Even though she saw her own future, she nodded her head forcefully.
Is this really okay? The magus asked.
"--That many people are smiling, so this is definitely correct, this is what I believe."
That girl only wanted to protect the people.
But, in order to realize this goal, she must forsake the "want to protect the people" way of thinking.
...If she had a human heart, then it would be impossible to protect the country as King.
That girl fully understood this before pulling out the sword.
She fully understood this before swearing to live on as King.
That's why not matter how many times she is alienated, threatened, or betrayed, her heart will always remain firm.
She has already forsaken the human heart.
Because that young girl traded away her human heart in order to protect the people.
Who could possibly understand such a noble oath?
--The decision to fight.
No matter what the future may hold.
--Even so, he still decided to fight.
Even if there was an unavoidable, lonely destruction lying in wait.
"I have already said my job is only to select.
If there is someone who meets the requirements, then I would gladly let him have the Grail.
Because of that--I want to hear your thoughts first, Emiya Shirou."
This is... From where did he gain this consciousness, and from where did he see this living hell?
No matter how much I am requested, I cannot nod.
The only thing I can do is end their life.
I can only undo this contradiction of living corpse.
I can only resolve the reason for this hell having been made.
We cannot change the reasons that caused tragedies, the only thing we can do is make up for them.
The Father said this.
The truth behind ten years ago, is that someone with malicious intents touched the Grail.
--That is, nobody could be saved, the cruel reality.
Something that causes sadness, deaths that cause sadness, an unfortunate incident that has already occurred.
It's impossible to go back to the past and change the occurrences of these things.
Even though there was an ally of justice, he could only use a higher efficiency to clean up the mess, that is all.
Unable to stand the direct stares, he really want to run away from it all.
I do not have any method of saving them.
Thinking that being able to hear their cries like this is already a miracle but that doesn't solve anything.
That's the extent of an ally of justice, he does not even have the power to deny those who are leftovers.
I can only firmly defeat my enemies.
I've never wished anything for myself.
...But, that is hypocritical.
If there was a "miracle" that can save them, then I would probably use it--
"--No, I don't want something like that."
Watching the dying clearly.
Clenching his teeth, denying it.
--Things that have already disappeared will never come back.
That figure makes my heart ache so.
How did he say it?
The life that's impossible to start anew.
She has always used the responsibility of the King as an excuse, stubbornly resisting it.
...She recalled that oath from long ago.
There is only one sentence lingering in her heart.
...The decision to fight.
Even if she loses everything, even if everyone begins to hate her.
"--I'm such an idiot."
Even so, she decided to fight for the oath of the King.
"I do not want something like the Holy Grail that'll taint me. Because I already have everything that I want."
...That's right, everything is already there.
Her pride as a knight, her oath as a King.
That one and only dream saw by the girl named Arturia.
The trust and love for you that has never wavered, it wasn't because of the role as King.
The girl who was unable to protect everything until the end, wholeheartedly became your sword--
The sun is rising.
Silent wind began to blow.
That golden light that will never be forgotten.
In the midst of it all,
"In the end, there is one thing I have to tell you."
Her voice had a strong tone to it.
"...Ah, what is it?"
Desperately pretending to be strong, he asked in the usual tone.
Her graceful figure swayed slightly.
She watched me with frank eyes, and said in a tone without regrets,
"Shirou--I love you."
Something like that came from her mouth.
The wind is blowing.
He closed his eyes because of the dazzling light from the rising sun, and then reopened them.
He was not surprised.
Because I thought.
Don't leave.
And when she disappears, it'll definitely be like this.
Watching the wildly changing horizon, what he sees is only a barren landscape.
The figure of the knight and the blowing wind disappeared together.
Just like when she appeared.
Neat and clean, without any leftover traces.
"Ah--that's really like you."
There was no trace of regret in that soft voice.
Holding the things he lost and the things that are left inside his heart, the sunlight made him squint his eyes.
...I hope that I will never forget, even if there are some traces of fading; he watched the flat line of the horizon with such a fierce wish.
--The distant crimson, as-if-burning landscape.
It's really like that golden grassland she's heading towards.

It's not a story heard from someone.
But rather it's a small prayer directed at the stars in the sky.

What a long journey.
The time spent, the ideals pursued, the life where possibilities became realities, all sorts of trouble.
No matter which path he takes, he will never retreat.
Struggling, giving up, confusion, they are all forced into those eyes.

He has walked for a very, very long time on that long road.

His journey has never contained a finish line, and has never yielded any results.
Actually the reason is very simple.
Where should he go, what should he do, in order to stop his footsteps?
This answer was set to be the finish line since the start. Anyways, you must be filled with scars.

It's impossible for something that's eternal to exist.
No matter how durable a masterpiece sword is, it will slowly wear away with use.
Machines, bodies, and spirits are all alike in this manner.
Everything will be damaged with time.
Everything will fade away with time.
That's why, the heart that has never recognized these things as painful, after many years, has finally noticed it.

Even if your actions are meaningful.
You yourself, all the way until the end, is worthless.

He appeared with hope and disappointment.
The noble ideal became a tiring duty, and at last even dedication was distorted.
The reality that he saw in his childhood can no longer be seen when he turns his head now.
This is a normal mentality for anyone that's human.

But, he's not correct to go on like this.
Carefully locking away the things that are painful.

The heart of steel is the proof of the Command Mantra.
The long journey must continue.
No matter how small the happiness received in return is, she still wishes for him to be happy, energetic, and being happy when looking back occasionally.

Beautiful things make people feel fear.
He looked around on the street where people went past busily.
Beautiful things exist everywhere.
...But, on that day of parting, the brilliance of stars did not appear.
It must be because his journey will not end, and has no purpose.

The thing that he was really looking for is probably still not found...

But, life can be satisfied just like that.

It's already become an eternal dream.
The curse of fate, the ideals being embraced, and the remaining result all become a heavy burden.
No matter how long the slumber has been, the moment of awakening still hasn't arrived.
Moving, stopping, looking up, and then calming down after a deep breath.

Slumbering in an eternal dream.

The duty of the King has not ended yet.
In order to fulfill his prophecy, even if the life of the King ended, that sword cannot return back to how it was before.
Time passes, countries rise and fall, and people change.
Even if she prayed to the great King, this oath would still continue.
She assumed these obligations without recompensation, and because of that many lives can survive.

But, being caught in this dream in a crack is sad.
That scenery seen from the abyss of eternal slumber.
My heart cannot reach the him who's far away right now, walking alone on that road.
Fading away like a human, and repeating the same things over and over like a machine.
Even if nobody could notice that kind of pain.

--I am here, I know your strength.

But, that eternal oath still exists.
If the past cannot be changed, then the present will never change.
Oath and determination will forever be affiliated with the King.
There is no way for that sword to return to how it was before.

...But, I want to see you.
Even if I must continue in this never ending slumber.
I still want him to hear this voice.

"This is difficult. Your times are so far apart that the distance makes people despair."

The magus said so.
The realization of that dream was pretty much impossible.

"If you want to meet again as normal people, two miracles must occur.
One must wait continuously, one must pursue endlessly.
They must realize that it is impossible to succeed yet at the same time be capable of enduring patiently. Is that... the story of a dream that shouldn't be waited upon?"

The magus asked.
Is that sort of thing impossible? It's unrelated to the duty of the King, it's as simple as whether or not it can come true and whether or not you can keep waiting for it.

"Ah, don't be mistaken. I didn't say to forsake the King's duty. Royal blood courses through your veins; if this pride was deprived, then there would be nothing left."

"It's best to keep yourself as you are. I am really complimenting you,
as a girl you have the right for your happiness to survive.
A sacrifice like this, I think you should understand."

The magus said.
Just like when the hand is gripping the sword.
That moment is when I'm mocking the approaching perils.
But right now I'm smiling because of the hope-filled future.

A meaningless response.
That is merely the hope of the girl before she took up the sword.
No matter what, if she doesn't have the power to make it come true;
How is that any different than wishing to the stars?

"But, whether this thing is right or wrong is another topic altogether."

"Arturia. The era is changing alongside the people, the only one who's still like that time is you, Arturia.
A dream is only beautiful because it's dream-like. But for you, you would probably be happier slumbering as if dead...
Even so."

No response.
Even if it's unsaid, only that wish will not disappear.
...In other words, that is probably best.
Not finding anyone, not being pursued by anyone.
Up until the day when the posture of the King disappeared from the imagination of people.

With that warm, dream-like wish; her future eternity can only be endured in this slumber.

In the end.
His way of life has not changed.
As for repaying her, it did not happen.

And then, to him and her, a long time had passed.

--Softly, eyes opened.

How far have I actually come?
I've clearly chosen the barren earth, yet I've penetrated the dense forest to stand in this grassland that makes me nostalgic.

I cannot be certain of this place.
How long has passed since then,
How far have I travelled?

It's still very blurry.

Putting down the heavy burden carried on his shoulders, letting the tense body rest.
I thought this long journey would continue forever.

It looks like, the journey will end here.

The field of vision is clear and broad.
Those heavy shackles were removed in the grassland wavering in the blowing wind.

My mood gradually and steadily returned to back then.

Staring at the endless sky, thinking about the unstated agreement.
That is the fantasy of adolescence, a fierce wish.
Looking at the same sky, feeling the same things.
If I kept pursuing that dream, it would definitely be realized.

Unconsciously, he thought about these things in the streets of his hometown.

Her dream also began to awaken.

Raising her head to look at the sky, harbouring a wish.
Noticing the change in the wind's direction, the tears that were forced back fell at last.
She's praying, desperately awaiting that familiar shadow.
...But...even if...they meet again.
Up until now it's merely a hope; she's grateful for this small, insignificant hope...

Her breathing calmed down.
Unbelievable, how long ago was the last time her breathing was disrupted?
Almost as if she's returned to being a young girl.
No, but, I clearly already have experience and am not a novice anymore, he laughed as he said this.

--Come to think of it, how many times have I wished to the sky?

I want to see him.
I want to see him.

If it was realized, she wants to verify each other's feelings and the meaning of existence in an embrace----

...I know, my heart has long since been thrown into chaos, but even so, I can only remain here.
Because, I don't want to lay waste to the mission of the man who kept going.
Even though I really want to run away right now, but, just like back then, I am waiting on his words---

But, there was still some unrest.
This wish, this miracle, can it really occur?

He is no longer the him from back then. Body and soul, neither needed her worry anymore.
There is no reason to miss this scenery so much.
It's not that I'm too stubborn, but it's just unforgettable.
She continued to embrace that gradually fading past.

So, that's all.
If this dream has an ending, then, at the other end of despair hope surely exists---

--No, enough, this deceit should end here.
That thing that's only sensitive to words woke up brightly.
That thing that had stopped once again started to move.

A nostalgic blood runs through the heart of tin.
Golden earth.
In her long lost hometown, she could finally pursue her heart.

The feelings gushing forth are like thousands of words, but, only one line choked out of his throat.

How much she wanted to see him, how long he made her wait, at this moment it's no longer important.

Yes, in the end, his way of life has not changed.
Similarly, it's impossible to repay her with anything.

Things that met after they were protected until the end.
Losing their lives, what's left is something that's the most precious.

Taking out the most precious thing.
And then putting it deep within the heart, this is happiness.
That smile seems to have been this all along, a youthful simplicity.

"...I'm back, Saber."

...The words coming out of his mouth really seemed like back then.
As if, what's beginning here is only the continuation of that day.

Her footsteps on the ground were light. The girl with a slightly quivering body was smiling.

"Welcome back, Shirou."

The dream, finally announced its end here.

...Pursuing stars, the spinning stars.
Walking onwards, and continuing to see somebody off.
Lost many things, birthed many things.
What exists at the end is incomparable to the huge amount of time spent: merely a tiny, tiny fragment.

--Why, it's so dazzling.
Looking at the small fragments carefully kept in the small palm; it's a light so bright it almost burns the eyes.

Like that.
At the end of the long journey, they finally met.
The journey of the man who was looking at the stars also ended here.
Starting here, there will be another long his and her story to continue on.

In this ending.
He became somebody's star, continuing to spin in this world.

Even if the author is silenced, the performance is stopped, the story will not end.

Whether it's a comedy or a tragedy, if there is cheering, the story will continue on.
Just like the many lives.
For the us who are still in it and still in the journey, send warm blessings.

---We will continue to walk down this path until eternity

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