Wednesday, November 12

Kannagi latest manga chapter "controversy"

According to this site, the Japanese Kannagi "fans" denounced Nagi because she is not pure (Asian euphemism for virginity).

To me, they are bunch of fucktards. She is just a character in a story, not a property. They got a bit too obsessed, really really too deep into her.

She is a good character and main driving force of the story but most of these "fans" treated her like an object of adulation (moe), disregarding the creator's vision of the story.

This is very dangerous trend, when creative force of anime/manga being subverted to niche otakudom that have their heads far too stuck up in their own ass. Heh.

I just hope the mangaka did not surrender to these people unreasonable demands.


Anonymous said...

So Gaddam creepy. What is wrong with some of these people?

Unknown said...

This happens when people spend too much time in their parent's home basement and did not go out to real world.

Plus, they loved this character and self inject themselves into her a bit too much.