Saturday, June 26

Mirai Nikki / 未来日記 OVA/OAD

Another OVA/OAD that pricked my interest, read the manga and quite impressed by it. Directed by same dude who did Shuffle! and Prism Ark; Hosoda Naoto. Asread, the studio did botched up job on Minami-ke sequel will be animating this story. Supposedly a pilot anime episode, ostensibly to gauge response from general public.

High school 2nd year, Amano Yukiteru, is a boy who has problem making friends. He thinks of himself as a bystander and will always write down everything he sees in a cell phone diary. Tormented by solitude, Yukiteru began to imagine things like a friend called Deus X Makina who is apparently the Lord of Time & Space. Seeing Yukiteru's miserable state, Deus gives him a new ability. His diary will now record events that will happen in the near future. Yukiteru is then forced to participate in a game which the winner will become Deus's successor.


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