Thursday, November 21

Princess Kaguya (2013) Long Trailer

Okay this is a 6 min trailer on 2nd Studio Ghibli movie of the year, The Story of Princess Kaguya. Directed by same dude who did Graveyard of Fireflies (Isao Takahata), I suspect it will be another tearjerker or thematically sad at the minimum.

Needless to say, I am eager to watch this. Bring it on. Coming soon to Japan on 23rd November 2013, no announcement for international screenings yet.

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Ivan Pylat said...

thanks for your sharing, I appreciate this. keep up the good work=)

happybae said...

Oh, I really want to watch that. :3 I enjoy all Studio Ghibli films. I never watched Graveyard of the Fireflies yet though because I don't want to cry buckets ;A; but I know I really need to watch it...I've seen almost everything else except that one.